There are 14 tutorials accepted for presentation in ICIP 2019. Each of them is a half-day (3 hours) tutorial. You can find a short description for each tutorial and its speakers by clicking on the associated web link on the tutorial title.


Tutorial 1: Architecture Design and Interpretability of Convolutional Neural Networks

Tutorial 2: Evaluating and Processing Partially- Artificial Images

Tutorial 3: Human Pose Estimation and Action Recognition

Tutorial 4: Image-to-Image Translation

Tutorial 5: Multiple Objects Tracking (MOT) in Videos

Tutorial 6: Vision and Text: Search, Generation and Translation

Tutorial 7: Photometric 3D Reconstruction

Tutorial 8: Image and Video Source Identification

Tutorial 9: Deep Learning for Image Transformation

Tutorial 10: Generalized Operational Neural Networks

Tutorial 11: Deep Learning for Image and Video Processing

Tutorial 12: Deep Metric Learning for Image and Video Understanding

Tutorial 13: Efficient Image Processing with Deep Neural Networks

Tutorial 14: Multisensory Video Processing and Learning for Human-Robot Interaction



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  • Return the group registration form upon completion of payment. Advance deadline is July 31, 2019.
  • Limited registration, first-come-first-serve.