IEEE SPS Video and Image Processing Cup

IEEE SPS Video and Image Processing Cup

Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 16:15-18:00

The IEEE SPS Video and Image Processing Cup (VIP Cup) student competition, presented by the IEEE Signal Processing Society, gives students the opportunity to work together to solve real-life problems using video and image processing methods. After students submit their work, three final teams are selected to present their work and compete for the grand prize at ICIP 2019!

Interested in competing? The submission deadline is June 15, 2019.  For full competition details, eligibility requirements, and team registration, visit the IEEE Signal Processing Society website

While only the final three teams will be competing at ICIP 2019, all are welcome to watch the students present their work during the final competition. Join us and come see the action!

IEEE Video and Imaging Cup 2019:

Activity Recognition from Body Cameras

For competition details, please visit

For detailed instructions for the competition, please download this document

Participation in the Competition

Each team participating in the competition is to be composed of one faculty member (whose role is the supervisor of the team members), at most one graduate student (who will assist the supervisor in supervising the undergraduate team members), and at least 3 but no more than 10 undergraduates. At least three of the undergraduate team members must be either IEEE SP members or student members.

Participating teams must submit their project by  June 15, 2019. Each submission should include a report, in the form of an IEEE conference paper, on the technical details of the methods used and the results, as well as the programs developed. By July 15, 2019, the best 3 teams will be identified to participate in the final competition at ICIP2019.

Important Dates

Participation guidelines and initial dataset released: Apr 30
Additional Training Dataset released: May 5
Deadline for result submission: June 30
Finalists (best three teams) announced: July 15
Test Dataset released: July 30
Competition on a new Test Dataset at ICIP 2019: September 22 

Finalist Teams

Team Name: PolyUTS
University: University of Technology Sydney and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Supervisor: Sean He
Students: Hayden Crain, Alex Young, Van Khai Do, Nirosh Rambukkana,  Tianqi Wen, Jichen Zhang, Zihang LYU, Yifei Fan, Chris Lee, Evan Cheng, Rui Zhao

Team Name: BUET Synapticans
University: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Supervisor: Taufiq Hasan
Students: Partho Ghosh, Md. Abrar Istiak Akib, Asif Shahriyar Sushmit, Ahsan Habib Akash, Ridwan Abrar, Nayeeb Rashid, Ankan Ghosh Dastider

Team Name: BUET Ravenclaw
University: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Supervisor: Mohammad Ariful Haque
Students: Sheikh Asif Imran Shouborno, Md. Tariqul Islam, K. M. Naimul Hassan, Md. Mushfiqur Rahman, Md. Farhan Shadiq

Team Prizes

The champion: $5,000
The first runner-up: $2,500
The second runner-up: $1,500

Each team invited to ICIP will have its travel supported by the SP Society. Each team member is offered up to $1,200 for continental travel or $1,700 for intercontinental travel, and at most three people from each team will be supported. The participants can claim their travel expenses on a reimbursement basis. Furthermore, the selected teams will be invited to join the Conference Banquet as well as the Student Career Luncheon so that they can meet and talk to SPS leaders.

Contact Point

For any information please contact:

Dr. Lucio Marcenaro
IEEE SPS Director Student Services