Special Sessions

There are 16 Special Sessions proposed for ICIP 2019. Please find below a short description of each Special Session and its organizers.

Each Special Session is open to the public for submission. If you find that your work matches the theme of a Special Session well, please indicate that in your paper submission process.

There is no difference in the paper review process for papers submitted to Regular Sessions or Special Sessions. If the number of accepted papers in a Special Session goes beyond its capacity, the organizers will select a subset and assign others to suitable Regular Sessions.

Special Session 1: Biometric Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing

Special Session 2: Internet of Video Things for Humanity

Special Session 3: Quality of Experience Assessment for Future Multimedia Systems

Special Session 4: Novel Approaches for Image & Video Quality Assessment

Special Session 5: 3D Visual Representation and Understanding

Special Session 6: Machine Learning for Affective Computing of Large-scale Visual Content

Special Session 7: Video Compression Techniques toward Next Generation Video Coding Standard

Special Session 8: 3D Visual Data Acquisition and Processing from 2D Images

Special Session 9: Explainable Machine Learning for Image Processing

Special Session 10: Recent Advances in Immersive Imaging Technologies

Special Session 11: Deep Neural Network Based Image/Video Compression

Special Session 12: Artificial Intelligence for Multimedia Security Applications

Special Session 13: Deep Learning-Enabled Multimedia Big Data Analytics with Applications

Special Session 14: Graph Spectral Processing of 3D Point Cloud Data

Special Session 15: New Challenges in Video PRNU

Special Session 16: Robust and Explainable Multi-Modal Learning